MMS for School Gradebook FAQs

When creating an account a message appears –‘Sorry, either your name does not match our records for your student, your account does not have online access, or you do not have an email address setup with the School.’ “

What this means is that the First Name, Last Name you are entering does not match what your student’s school has on file for you. Another issue is that the the school might not have an email address on file.  You cannot enter an email address here; this must be done by the school for security purposes.  Please contact you student’s school to verify the information needed to create the login.  This error message could be because your name is mispelled.


What is the First Name and Last Name the system is looking for?  Is it just my name?”

The information it is looking for is the First name and Last name of the Contact person(s) the school has on file for your student.  This could just be you or a combination of people.  It could just be John Smith or John & Sue Smith.  The system is very specific and unless you know specifically how it is in the system, you will not be able to access it.  You will also need to know the ID number of your student.  If you do not know this information, please contact the school your child attends and ask, the contact information is listed below.


“How do I add another student to a login I have already setup?”

Once you have logged in, under My Account, there is an option to Add Student.  Here you will enter the ID Number of the additional student.  It will then check to make sure your First name, Last Name and email address is exactly the same for this student as the one that you created the original account with.  It there are any differences within the three items, you will see the first message and you will need to contact the school your student attends to have the record changed.


“It has been a while and I still have not received the temporary password in my email.”

Some people have found their passwords in their spam folders either on their local computers or on the email server (i.e. Comcast).  Others have used the option to “Click here if you have forgotten your password” and it has sent a new password to their email.  Another option is to use a different email temporarily to just receive the password if there is an issue receiving the temporary password.


“I did not receive a letter or email with the information needed to create a login, what do I do?”

You can call your student’s school and they can give you the three pieces of information needed to create your login.  Again, they are the First and Last Name of the Contact person(s), the student’s ID# and please make sure that you have a correct email address on file.  The Parent Login Name is one you choose on the account creation screen.


“When will the Elementary Portal be online?”

The Elementary Portals are not active at this time, if you try to setup an account, it will either not work or nothing will appear on the screen.


“I am a parent and I forgot my username or password (or both) where do I find that information?”

On the Parent Portal Login Screen, there are two options below the username/password boxes.  Create Account and Forgot your Password?  Click on the Forgot Your Password option and it will ask you for your Username/email address associated with the account.  If you do not know your username, just enter the email address on file with the school.  Then enter the Parent First and Last Name exactly as it is at the school (as printed on Report Cards/letters from the school).  You will receive a reminder email from the system as to what your username is and a new temporary password.  Use this to log into the gradebooks system and you will then be prompted to choose a new password.

“Who do I contact if I have any questions?”

For questions regarding the information in your student’s record, please call your student’s school.  They can give you the information you need, i.e. First Name, Last Name, and ID # and enter your email address into the system.  If you need help resetting your account or other issues with the Grade Book System, please email and the Technical Support Department will get back to you as soon as possible during business hours.

“What if I have legal documentation that requires that some of my or my student’s information be withheld from another party linked to my student’s account?”

Unlike Edline, the student biographical page, which contains all contact information, may be seen by all parties associated with the student. Please contact the Principal’s administrative assistant at your child’s school if legal documentation exists that requires information be withheld from others.


Contact Phone Numbers

Dover High School  516-6924        Dover Middle School  516-7203        Garrison School  516-6752        Horne Street School  516-5756        Woodman Park School  516-6700

Career Tech Center 516-6978